To achieve the above objectives, major activities of the Society will be as follows.

  • To undertake all activities that may be necessary for implementation of the Project and in particular for the achievements of the objectives referred to in Article 5.
  • To create duly empowered administrative mechanisms, through such participation as may be deemed necessary for various Departments and autonomous agencies of the Central and State Governments, for the achievement of the objectives of the Society.
  • To establish State Project Management Unit and district task forces as branch offices and other appropriate mechanisms at District and tank level, and to delegate necessary powers to enable them to discharge their responsibilities for implementation of the project.
  • To secure active involvement and participation of relevant institutions, voluntary agencies, formers' organization and individuals committed to rural development and overall improvement in the quality of life with specific reference to irrigation, drinking water, sanitation and other related matters and to provide financial assistance to them.
  • To provide necessary advice to State Government, other Authorities and Institution relating to programmes and policies of Water Resource Management.
  • To bring about effective decentralization in water resource management and tank fed agricultural development by involving people through the process of training and awareness building.
  • To secure constructive and participatory involvement of people for the achievement of set objectives by establishing formal as well as informal structures.
  • To identify, design and launch training, orientation programmes for effective Community Water Management and related institutional structures.
  • To undertake and promote research studies relating to Water Resource Management and tank fed agricultural development and other related matters.
  • To ensure technical resource support through existing institutions or through establishment of new ones.
  • To organize conferences, symposiums, workshops, etc. in furtherance of the objectives.
  • To create technical, administrative, managerial and other posts in the Society and to make payments for the same in accordance with the Bye-laws of the Society.
  • To make Rules & Regulations for smooth conduct of affairs of the Society and to add or amend them from time to time.
  • To open bank accounts along with the signatories to the account.
  • To accept grant of money, securities or properties of any kind and to undertake and accept the management of any endowment, trust, fund or donation, not inconsistent with the objectives of the Society.
  • To accept, execute cheques, drafts, receipts, bills of exchange or other instruments and securities as required for the conduct of the business of the Society.
  • To incur expenditure after drawing up the Budget and to approve over all work plan with due regard to economy, probity and propriety.
  • To prepare annual reports and accounts of the Society.
  • To purchase, hire, take on lease, exchange or otherwise acquire property, moveable or immoveable for carrying out the objectives of the Society.
  • To enter into contracts and undertake any legal action that may be necessary to ensure the fulfillment of contracts made between the Society and other.
  • To consider the audited Balance sheets and accounts of the previous year.
  • To consider annual reports prepared by the Governing Body.
  • To take all such actions as may appear necessary or incidental for the achievement of objectives of the Society.
  • To exercise overall responsibility for management of Society on behalf of the State Government within the framework of project guidelines.
  • To formulate guidelines for various programmes of the Society and prepare operation manual for the Project.
  • Establish models for participatory social and economic development of the rural poor in conformity with all these objectives and establish their relevance, sustainability and replication.
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