Aim & Objective

Aims & Objectives of the Society: The society shall have the overall goal to improve the functionally and capacity of tank irrigation structures with the participation of local communities. The society shall focus on the following action points.

  • Facilitate community participation in all aspects starting from project preparation to implementation, formulate policy to conserve and strengthen water bodies through participatory system, improve livelihood of the community around the tanks.
  • Integrate interventions and ensure operational convergence in related sectors, viz, Agriculture, Horticulture, Forestry, Animal Husbandry, Fisheries, Ground Water Management, Watershed Development etc.
  • Formulate policy and develop guidelines for planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the projects.
  • Plan and organize activities of capacity building including awareness generation.
  • Provide resources as well as strategic and logistic support for training, orientation and skill development of communities.
  • Play pro-active role in facilitating community control, management and ownership of tanks through people centered institutional approach in order to achieve long-term sustainability.
  • Ensure timely and adequate flow of funds for planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the projects.
  • Co-ordinate with Government of Odisha, Govt. of India, World Bank other funding agencies in furtherance of the objects.
  • Seek and promote participation of voluntary agencies in mobilizing the social forces and evolving effective strategies for implementation.
  • Promote partnership between Government and Non-Government Organizations and Institutions engaged in programmes similar to that of the Society.
  • Do all such acts and things as the Society may consider necessary for directly or indirectly achieving one or more of the above objectives.
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