Executive Body

Sl. Designation Status Occupation
01 Principal Secretary/ Secretary, Department of Water Resources Chairman Public Service
02 Project Director, OCTDMS Member Secretary -Do-
03 Project Finance Officer Member -Do-
04 Additional Secretary/ Joint Secretary to Govt., Department of Water Resources Member -Do-
05 Engineer-in-Chief, (P&D) Member -Do-
06 Chief Engineer, Minor Irrigation, Odisha Member -Do-
07 Director, Agriculture & Food Production Member -Do-
08 Director, Fisheries Member -Do-
09 Director, Soil Conservation Member -Do-
10 Director, Horticulture Member -Do-
11 Director, Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Services Member -Do-
12 Director, Special Projects, Panchayat Raj Department Member -Do-
13 Joint Secretary to Govt., Revenue Department Member -Do-
14 Joint Secretary to Govt., Finance Department Member -Do-
15 Director, Planning & Co-ordination Department Chairman Public Service
16-17 Two Representatives of NGOs (to be mentioned by State Govt.) Invitee  
18-19 Two Representatives of Apex Pani Panchayats (to be nominated by the State Govt.) Invitee  
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